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The Testing, Research, and Analysis Center for Snowmobiles

Snowmobiling Snowmobile Safety
One of TRACS' efforts is to keep snowmobiling, off-road mobility, and personal watercraft use, a safe and exciting part of outdoor recreation. Safety issues involve traffic studies, vehicle design, and operator safety. TRACS' areas of safety research include: Vehicle Handling, Operator Education, Trail Layout, Signing, Law Enforcement, and Trail Grooming.
Snowmobile Design Snowmobile Design
Utilizing finite element and dynamic systems models, as well as field testing using on-board data acquisition, the TRACS Team can upgrade and problem-solve in all areas of snowmobile, ATV, an personal watercraft transportation. The TRACS Team members have extensive experience in Component Design, Vehicle Systems Design and Modelling, Noise and Vibration Reduction, Mobility, and Snow Mechanics.
Trail Design Trail Design
TRACS considers proper trail design and route layout essential to safety and tourism. Improper sight distances, corners, signing, etc., affect not only operator safety, but are essential to the return of travellers. TRACS' efforts include Trail Layout Studies, Route Planning - Rural and Urban, and Directional/Informational Signing.
Bison on the Trail Environmental
Vehicle Involved Sports must maintain a low impact on the environment in order to insure the continued growth of this type of recreation. Numerous aspects of this environmental awareness in need of study with TRACS' expertise include Noise Reduction, Emissions, Wildlife, Erosion, and Pavement Wear.
Snowmobile Tourism Tourism
Snowmobiling has significantly affected tourism in rural areas during the winter months. Taking advantage of the influx of snowmobilers can bolster winter economies. Snowmobile Tourism can be optimized through the following TRACS snowmobile specialites: Economic Studies, Advertising, Urban Traffic Routing, and Impact on Local Residents.

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