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Current Projects at KRC

This page is a continually updated display area for some of the projects the Keweenaw Research Center is working on. While many projects overlap one another, here they have been somewhat broken down. The projects are listed in random order and will be updated as work continues. Please note that no proprietary information or pictures are available here. This page is meant to provide a brief look at selected areas of KRC project work. Further questions or comments should be directed to our feedback page. We will be happy to answer questions about anything listed below.

Skid-Steer Vehicle Dynamics Testing - TACOM

Instrument an 8-wheel skid steer vehicle and conduct multiple vehicle dynamics maneuvers to collect vehicle dynamics data.
A small 8-wheel skid steer vehicle is being instrumented to measure torque and vehicle speed on all eight wheels. A Crossbow 6 degree of freedom motion sensor is being used to measure lateral and longitudinal acceleration as well as roll, pitch and yaw. Acceleration, lane change maneuvers and turning radius tests will be conducted at KRC.
Mark Osborne, Chris Green, Jim Waineo, Carl Keranen and Toby Kunnari

Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Track - TACOM

A new track design for the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle utilizing aluminum metal matrix composite materials was developed at KRC.
The new track was designed and tested though solid modeling and finite element analysis. Field testing of the new track on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle System is underway. See the U.S. Army TACOM web site for more information.
Scott Bradley, Craig Hughes

Instrumented Track Testing - TACOM

This focus of this project is to determine actual centerguide loads during operation of the M1A MBT.
A track shoe was fitted with a small data acquisition computer which is connected to a centerguide containing four strain gages. Once each test is completed, a laptop is used to offload the data for storage and analysis.
Craig Hughes

Sprocket Durability Testing - TACOM

A series of drive sprockets, designed by KRC, are being tested for operation effectiveness and durability.
Different sprocket prototypes are tested on the M1A through a break-in period and a durability test. Track interaction, wear and noise are all being closely monitored and studied.
Scott Bradley, US ARMY

ADI Research and Development - TACOM

Austempered Ductile Iron, ADI, is being investigated for application in track shoes as a replacement for steel, and integration with other materials.
Material is being tested for wear characteristics, and mechanical properties as well as microstructure and forming properties.
Craig Hughes, Jim Pakkala

Cab Noise Reduction - John Deere

Interior cab noise during vehicle operation is being reduced without affecting the cosmetics or performance of the vehicle.
Source identification and noise path analysis techniques (NPA) are applied for both laboratory and field vehicle operation. Individual and overall effectiveness of various source and path treatments are being measured and developed.
Geoff Gwaltney, Jason Blough, and Jay Meldrum

NVH Study - M1A - TACOM

An investigative study of vibration transmission and characterization during a variety of operating conditions.
A large array of accelerometers placed inside and outside of the vehicle are being used to measure acceleration. A RoadRunner data acquisition system by LMS is being used to record and analyze the vast amount of data at very high frequencies.
Scott Gruenberg, Chris Green, Nils Ruonavaara, Jim Waineo

Bystander Noise Reduction - John Deere

The noise radiation mechanisms of track and powertrain components are being investigated in an effort to reduce the bystander sound power.
Practical treatment of noise sources and noise paths are being integrated with current designs, without sacrificing durability or machine performance. Performance is evaluated using spectral analysis and dynamic sound power measurement per SAE-J2104.
Jason Blough

Quiet Hydraulic Pump Systems- John Deere/Sauer-Sundstrand

Noise attenuation strategies for multiple-pump applications is a current topic of research.
The noise and vibration performance of multiple-pump hydraulic systems is being evaluated. The feasibility of enhancing performance with minor changes to existing components is being determined.
Jason Blough, Geoff Gwaltney

Snowmobile Trail Mogul Formation Modeling - National Park Service, Yellowstone

The focus of this project is to measure and model the formation of snowmobile generated bumps on trails.
Measurements of bump development are underway in Yellowstone National Park along with snow characterization and traffic monitoring. This project will result in development of methods to groom the trails to minimize roughness.
Russ Alger, Scott Gruenberg, Geoff Gwaltney

Anti-Icing Aggregates - MI DOT

This study is the development of anti-icing coatings for bridge decks, road intersections and ice-prone sections of highway.
Research at KRC has uncovered methods to maximize the interaction between deicing chemicals and aggregates to produce an "Anti-Icing" coating. The results will be safer pavements and a decrease in environmental load caused by overuse of chemicals to ensure bare pavement.
Russ Alger

Development of a Hard Surface Runway at the South Pole - USACRREL and NSF

Methods to develop a hard surface snow runway at the South Pole will be investigated under this scope of work.
A study of the potential to build a hard snow runway in Antarctica will be conducted with the final outcome being a test plan to build the runway in FY 2001. It is hoped that this project will lead to a larger project at the pole over the next 2 years.
Russ Alger

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