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Keweenaw Snow Paver

What Are the Problems What is Optimum What is the Solution
"Used Up" Snow
High Traffic Volumes
Extreme Cold
Temperature Gradients
Density Variations
and Bumps!
Small - Jagged Crystals
A Mixture of Crystal Sizes
Increased Density
A Smooth Surface
Rapid Set-up Time
and Optimum Use of the
Weather Advantage
The Keweenaw Snow Paver

For Processed Snow
Roads and Runways

Keweenaw Snow Paver

Where Have We Come From?

KRC has developed a new system for grooming that changes the crystal structure of the trail base to optimize the bonding and strength characteristics of the trail. This system is the result of years of research. The final product is a snow "pavement" with qualities far superior to any method currently on the market!

Vibrating Compaction System

How Do We Do It?

The "KRC" groomer uses a milling process to optimize the surface energy and bonding potential of individual crystals. Coupled with this change in structure is an optimization of crystal size mixing. Following this manipulation of snow properties is a leveling process and maximization of compactive effort through vibratory compaction.

State of the Art Milling System

Ice Cutting

An attribute of this system that would be quite advantageous to both Nordic and Alpine Ski areas is that it is capable of turning ice back into snow. In the absence of compaction, the milled snow has a texture similar to man-made snow. The advantage of this is that an icy ski trail could be groomed and the surface would become soft snow!

The Results

Snow Description Density
Ramm #
Fine Milled
(Not Compacted)
0.42 50
Fine Milled
0.50 80
Fine Milled
0.58-0.68 240-480
Coarse Milled
0.55-0.58 100
Coarse Milled
(Compacted 24 hrs)
0.55-0.58 200-300
(for comparison)
0.86 >1000

Finally, a Smooth, Durable Trail!

Keweenaw Snow Paver
QuickTime Groomer Video Clip (3.8Mb)

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