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Elastomeric Coatings

The "Anti-Icing Smart" Advantage

The graph below shows the main advantage of the "Anti-Icing Smart" overlay system, the use of less chemicals!! This translates to an increased factor of safety while saving time and money.

A single application of chemical on the surface of the overlay can extend the minimization of bonding at the surface. This translates directly to an elimination of frost and freezing rain (ice formation) at the surface, especially at pavement temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Bond Interface

100% Bonded means that snow & ice are very difficult or impossible to remove using conventional plowing methods and maintenance efforts must revert to a deicing mode.

Think of...

  • A bridge deck that is treated before a frost or freezing rain event without having to try to second guess the weather.
  • A difficult highway intersection that is treated for long periods of time without having to send a truck out.
  • An airport runway that only needs to be treated once a day or less, allowing aircraft to operate without delays.
  • Sidewalks and driveways that are always free of ice.

And last but not least, the surface friction of these overlays is always better than normal pavements, water drains to the low spots eliminating the wet pavement problem, and the pavement is sealed from chloride intrusion!!

Percent Bonded versus Number of Storm Events

The Result

Durable, high friction pavement surfaces that are ice and bond free with a minimal chemical usage. Why not??

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