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Mobility Analysis

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KRC performs vehicle mobility analysis for both military and non-military customers and can make design recommendations to improve vehicle mobility of almost any type of ground vehicle on the market today.

Using the NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM), KRC helps military customers determine if their vehicle concept will meet requirements in bid specifications. Often times the customer wants to take their vehicle’s mobility to the next level. KRC then runs parametric studies to determine which vehicle components or which part of the physical design they can change to make the improvements.



KRC also uses NRMM or parts of NRMM to look at non-military problems. One good example was a mobility problem on an iron ore mine tailings pond. The sponsor had some vehicles that could drive on the tailings but every so often the vehicle would “fall through” and become immobilized. KRC was hired to investigate the problem.

Dried Mud

First, the soil or tailings were tested for strength using a simple cone penetrometer. The soil was found to be plenty strong enough to support most any tracked vehicle, to a certain depth. But it was soon discovered that the tailings were layered with water holes in between strong layers. Two major findings resulted. The vehicle had to have the lightest ground pressure possible, yet be able to carry a certain size load. The other finding was the vehicle should not drive over the same trail repeatedly!

Soil Test

KRC then did a comprehensive vehicle investigation to identify potential vehicles the sponsor may want to purchase. A vehicle cone index analysis was performed on ten different vehicles. Two prime candidates were identified and volunteered to demonstrate their capabilities. Both vehicles were successful as long as they did not drive over the same area more than three times. More than three times, and there was a high probability of becoming immobile!

Let KRC help you with your mobility problems!

Vehicle Mobility Volunteer

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