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Finite Element

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FEA of Track Connector The Keweenaw Research Center uses high performance HP solvers and workstations and a number of FEA codes for the creation and solution of finite element models. Using solid modeling software with finite software for pre-processing assures accurate and precise meshing and creation of loading conditions and materials properties. Other resources at KRC such as instrumented, materials and vehicle testing provide real world inputs for the finite models and allow side by side comparison between real and analytical testing. KRC is very well known for its finite capabilities and has continually provided the military and the industry with high quality, accurate results for over fifteen years.

Analytical Modeling and Model Correlation

FEA of Rear Differential KRC has the ability to model complex structures analytically using dynamic simulation software such as DADS or ADAMS and finite element software such as MSC-NASTRAN, PATRAN or MARC. Solid modeling is done using Pro-E, however KRC is well versed in most CAE packages. KRC uses its own MTS 831.50 machine to characterize many types of flexible joints or mounts to build these models. Characterizing these joints and mounts in house allows KRC to understand these model elements more accurately than if they had been characterized elsewhere. Finally, analytical models can be fully correlated using experimental methods. Upon successful correlation, design changes can be evaluated in an efficient manner analytically. Finally, KRC can construct the new, optimized parts in its own machine shop facility. The final enhanced product can then be tested to verify that all design targets are satisfied.

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