2013 Event Schedule

Monday, March 4    
      8:00 am–7:00 pm Teams arrive, Registration opens KRC/T3
      8:00 am–7:00 pm Turn in Snowmobile Description Form  
      8:00 am–7:00 pm IC and ZE Final Technical Inspections KRC/T3
               6:00–8:00 pm “Early Volunteers” Reception Joey’s Seafood, Houghton
   Shop open until midnight   Pizza for students in shop
Tuesday, March 5    
                     7:30 am Judges’ Meeting KRC/T3
  Gage Products IC Fueling  
                  10:00 am Grand Opening Event* KRC/T3
                  10:00 am NSF Electric Sled Range Test KRC/T3
                  10:00 am Endurance Run to Copper Harbor KRC/T3
               3:00–5:00 pm Late lunch and discussion about future CSC Shelden Grill
  competitions Magnuson Franklin Square
Return to KRC—Shop open 5:00 pm–midnight  
Wednesday, March 6    
                     7:30 am Presentation Judges’ Meeting ATDC
      8:00 am–5:00 pm IC Design Presentations ATDC
      8:00 am–5:00 pm AVL Lab Emissions Event T5
      8:00 am–5:00 pm Sensors Inc. In-Service Emissions T5
      8:00 am–5:00 pm Make-Up Endurance miles KRC/T3
         10:00–11:00 am Technical Presentation–Chalk Talk KRC/T3
                           Noon HB Performance sponsored Wisconsin brats and KRC/T3
  The Modal Shop sponsored Cincinnati chili dogs  
                        Noon Student Registration closes  
               1:00–3:00 pm Electric Sled Draw Bar Pull KRC/T3
  CH2M Hill Polar Services  
               4:00–6:00 pm Networking with industry Copper Country Mall
               6:00–8:00 pm Snowmobile Public Display* Copper Country Mall
  Light refreshments will be served  
  courtesy of the Michigan Tech Graduate School  
   Shop open until midnight   Outside KRC/T3
Thursday, March 7    
            8:00 am–Noon PCB and HEAD acoustics Noise Event KRC/T3
      8:30 am–5:00 pm Polaris Subjective Handling Event KRC/T3
      8:30 am–5:00 pm Emissions Events (continued) KRC/T5

2013 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge


2013 Event Schedule

Thursday, March 7 (continued)    
         10:00–11:00 am Technical Presentation   KRC/T3
  EMITEC Inc. “Catalyst Technology”    
                        Noon Pasty lunch   KRC/T3
               1:00–4:00 pm ZE Design Presentations   ATDC
               5:00–7:30 pm SAE Milwaukee Section Student Meeting M&M U115
  Bosch Engineering Presentation    
  Announcement for Special Awards Finalists  
  Mandatory attendance    
               5:00–7:30 pm Dinner provided for registered students and volunteers  
   Shop open until midnight      
Friday, March 9      
                     7:30 am Judges’ Meeting   KRC/T3
      9:00 am–5:00 pm Emissions Event (continued)   KRC/T5
         10:00–11:00 am Technical Presentation   KRC/T3
  Sound Quality HEAD acoustics Inc.    
                        Noon Iowa Snowmobile Association–sponsored KRC/T3
  beef barbecue    
               1:00–6:00 pm Open time to enjoy the Keweenaw    
  Mt. Ripley Ski Hill, Dollar Bay Motorsports, Dan’s  
  Polaris, Houghton Powersports, M&M Powersports  
               5:00–6:00 pm VIP Tours of ME-EM Building   ME-EM
               7:00–8:00 pm VIP/Volunteer Reception   Continental Fire Co. , Houghton
  Students—dinner on your own    
Shop open until midnight—sleds outside by midnight    
Saturday, March 9      
               8:00–8:30 am NGK/NTK Cold Start Event   Outside KRC/T3
            8:30–10:00 am Emission Testing (if necessary)   KRC/T5
                  10:00 am Polaris Acceleration Event*   KRC Test Course
                  11:00 am Polaris Objective Handling Event*   KRC Test Course
  ZE Range + Load Test    
                        Noon Judges’ Meeting to review scoring and penalties KRC T1
                     6:30 pm Awards Banquet   Memorial Union Ballroom
  Meals for the students courtesy of the PCB Group  
* Public viewing opportunities    

2013 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge 5